THE HISTORY OF UKRAINIAN COSSACKS For almost 300 years the history of the middle and low Dnieper reaches was connected with the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks who came into being at the end of the XV-th century in a bloody contest between the East and the West. From the very beginning of their existence they presented a willful force which neither Polish nor Turkish sovereigns were able to subjugate. They were born together with the people which being enslaved seeked to be free and struggled for that.
The land situated near the Dnieper rapids had attracted people for a long time by then. The mighty Dnieper clad in stony rocks, a diverse animal and vegetable kingdom -" those were the characters of the land called «Zaporizhzhya».

In the XV-th century Ukrainian cities and villages inhabitants seeking to escape from the yoke of serfdom and feudal oppression began to run to the low reaches of the Dnieper and settle there. The fugitives called themselves В"CossacksВ" that is free people. Nothing but an age-long aspiration for being free made them abandon their dwellings and open up new lands, cultivate them by the sweat of their brow and defend them. The Cossacks fought constantly for their right to exist against Turkish and Tartar conquerors on the one hand and the Polish gentry which had turned Ukraine into a Polish colony on the other.


Cossacks Show

The national display team "Ukrainian Cossacks" is the best horse show in Ukraine.

The Cossacks are Heroes of Ukraine History. Today Cossacks communities can be found throughout Ukraine and in other countries too. They have maintained their skills and their horsemanship. In Kiev a national display team was formed - "The Ukrainian Cossacks". The display team visited Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Germany, England, Holland and Switzerland...

Ukrainian Cossacks Horse Show Is Available For:
- Film
- Television
- Commercials
- Music Videos
- Corporate Groups
- Private Events
- Stunt Shows

Horse Riding School

Our Goal at Ukrainian Cossacks Horse Riding School is to introduce you to the wonderful world of horses. If you already ride we'd like to teach you how to enjoy horses more or get along with your own horse better.

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